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As the spring semester winds down, many churches start to prepare for Vacation Bible School (VBS). With these summer events, Christian communities hope to bring joy and life to the families that sign-up. One way to make that experience memorable is with custom T-shirts for participants!

While online printing services might seem like the easiest option, opting for a local, professional screen printing company will provide quick turnarounds and the highest level of personalization, customization, and quality control.
In this article, we will explore the ways churches can partner with a local, professional screen printing company to make Vacation Bible School.

Personalized Service:

  • Relationships between local businesses and churches are an important part of creating a thriving community. To the giant, online screen printing companies, your order is just another number, but when you work with a local team who can tailor their services to your unique needs and preferences, you become a valued partner.
  • When it comes time to plan this summer’s Vacation Bible School, churches need community partners who prioritize face-to-face interactions and foster collaboration. A local, professional screen printing company can meet with you and discuss how their t-shirt expertise can help you discover the best product for your children and volunteers.

Quick and Flexible Turnaround:

  • One of the greatest advantages to choosing a local screen printing company is the speed and agility of the business to meet your evolving needs. When your T-shirts are being printed just down the road, you can expect faster production and delivery times, without the hassle of shipping timelines and fees. This is an invaluable asset when churches are running on tight schedules or require last-minute changes. Local businesses are only a phone call away, whereas larger corporations will be limited in their customer service responsiveness. Developing a relationship with a local business allows churches to focus on caring for their community, leaving their T-shirt needs to their local experts and ensuring that their schedules will run smoothly.

In Depth Quality Control:

  • When churches need a high quality result for their VBS T-shirts, the ability to see and feel print samples becomes indispensable. It is almost impossible to accurately predict the quality of a screen printed shirt by looking at a computer or a phone. Local screen printing companies are excited to open their doors to potential partners, allowing them to inspect the materials, check the print quality, and ensure that the final product meets your expectations. This level of quality control cannot be achieved when dealing with online services.
  • Vacation Bible School T-shirts not only give the children and volunteers something to wear, they provide a unique opportunity for the community to see a church’s brand. When partnering with a local screen printing business, church leaders will be able to hand-select the garments that will display the work of the church for years to come.

Customization Options:

  • Every church has different needs and working closely with a local expert will enable you to customize your garments and designs. The theme and message of a church’s Vacation Bible School should be reflected in the style and colors of the garment and the screen printing techniques. This level of customization is crucial for ensuring that your T shirts align perfectly with the overall vision, and it is not provided by large online service providers. A church’s vision for their yearly VBS can be better implemented by a local, professional screen printing company.

Supporting the Local Economy:

  • Local economies thrive when families, businesses, organizations, and churches come together to contribute to mutual growth and sustainability. One of the best ways to grow a tight knit community with a flourishing economy is for churches and businesses in the same area to provide each other with occasions for growth. When a church decides to spend their T shirt budget at a local screen printing business, they help the local economy by creating jobs and they get to spread awareness of their church’s message.

Environmentally Friendly Practices:

  • Many local screen printing companies are committed to environmentally friendly practices. This may include the use of eco friendly inks, responsible waste disposal, and sustainable sourcing of materials. If environmental consciousness is a priority for your church, collaborating with a local printer who shares these values can be a mutually beneficial choice.


The benefits of partnering with a local, professional screen printing company for your Vacation Bible School T shirts extend beyond mere convenience. The personalized service, quick turnaround, quality control, support for the local economy, extensive customization options, and environmentally friendly practices collectively make a compelling case for choosing a local expert.

By making this decision, you not only ensure a smooth and efficient process for obtaining your custom t shirts but also contribute positively to your community of faith!