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We have some exciting news!


Heart and Hook Apparel is moving to the Mesa / Queen Creek Area! We are opening a brand new shop at 7421 S. 89th Place Mesa, AZ 85212 in March 2024.

In Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Tempe, and Chandler, new companies and time-tested local businesses are working hard to develop their unique identities and help their community thrive. Picture this: a team member at an exciting new taco restaurant sporting a crisp, new t-shirt with the company’s bright logo in line at the coffee shop, or perhaps a group of employees in their matching embroidered polos taking their lunch break together at a local pizza joint, each person displaying the unity, fun, and professionalism of their company’s brand. That isn’t just about clothing. It’s about storytelling. The narratives of our community’s businesses are woven into every thread of infinitely wearable garments.

In the heart of one of the fastest-growing areas of the country, Heart and Hook Apparel is establishing itself as more than just a supplier– we are partners in the storytelling of our community. The impact of custom screen printed and embroidered apparel; it’s not just about dressing your team but about broadcasting your brand to the world.

Each wearable becomes a walking billboard, catching the eye of potential customers and sparking conversations. It’s the subtle yet powerful art of visibility—ensuring your brand is seen, recognized, and remembered. When a company’s employees wear their garments before or after a work day, or even around town on the weekends, they are showing their neighbors that their employer is a friend to the community. That’s the professionalism and warmth that sets a company apart.

Heart and Hook was born out of a desire to help companies grow their brand and visibility through perfectly-crafted custom apparel and quality promotional items. We want to empower businesses to tell their stories through the garments people love to wear and the branded items people love to use.

Now, imagine the possibilities for your business in the East Valley – Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Tempe, or Chandler. How could custom screen printed and embroidered apparel from Heart and Hook Apparel elevate your brand’s presence and credibility?

Call us and tell us the story you want to tell to our community!